Matt Dempsey

Co-founder of - private, simple sharing with your family. I design simple, intuitive user experiences and beautiful user interfaces, but I'm not for hire. Feel free to say Hi.


Product Design intern at Facebook's Palo Alto HQ. I designed their contextual same-page help interface, redesigned and standardised every Facebook email, built several internal tools and worked with other designers on numerous projects.



Experimental design exploration for one of the world's
largest stock photo/video providers.

work-shutterstock work-shutterstock


Collaborative content production tool for newsrooms. I’ve worked as Camayak’s designer for over 2 years designing the app and marketing sites.

work-camayak work-camayak

Water Cost

Personal project to build a mobile water and energy household cost
calculator. Answer a few questions and see the real impact of your
water habits and how to save money.


Comic Sans Criminal

Personal project exploring inappropriate uses of the font Comic Sans.


NHS (National Health Service) funded social network for patients
and healthcare professionals to communicate. Rebranded to after winning international awards.


Nomad Editions

Digital magazine publisher. I designed the externally facing
promotional site and internal content creation tool.


Inception Explained

A personal project exploring experimental scrolling
navigation to explain the film Inception.


Dribbble shots

Kind words

Drew Hamlin, Manager, Product Design at Facebook

“Matt far exceeded our expectations for interns, consistently demonstrating keen insight, strong self-initiative, a tireless work ethic and a precise attention to detail. He took complicated and ambiguous problems and came up with simple, elegant solutions. I would love to work with him again.”

Julie Zhuo, Director, Product Design at Facebook

“Matt was an amazing intern to have on the Facebook design team. In three short months, he designed two projects end-to-end with a thoughtful, holistic approach. Matt also took a lot of initiative to collaborate with other designers and give feedback on their own projects. I look forward to working with Matt again in the future.”


You can email me at